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Dominique Hagler

Dolly(Dominique Hagler)is a 29 year old clothes reviewer, model and mommy based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Born in Newark, New Jersey. Dolly’s goal is to help women build their confidence, be true to themselves and be comfortable in the skin they are in. Even if it comes with some cellulite and a few stretch marks, she says love you, if you don’t then who will. Dolly is what they call “ The Master of Disguise”. She is a chameleon on the scene! She currently models and acts for individual photographers and filmmakers. She has been published in Noise Media Magazine and been apart of several indies films. She enjoys working with photographers and filmmakers that have a creative approach. She brings the energy and passion to every project she works on!
For more information or to book her please contact her at ayooo_dolly@icloud.com or visit her Instagram @_dollysaidit.

Joseph Izaiah Karki

“Joseph Izaiah Karki” thirteen year old self taught hip hop dancer turned actor has appeared in several film, television and theatre productions. You may have seen him in B.E.T television Series “Boomerang” directed by Halle Berry. He also played as “Jake” in Don Stallings short film “Anyway”. His music video appearances in the Mako Girls hit single “Day 1” and Kado BCG “Dance” just to name a few. Joseph’s ability to own the role he is assigned is captivating. His first time on set was with Atlanta’s own “Atlanta Workshop Players”. Joseph took the industry by storm with his dancing ability. Joseph stepped on the scene as a self taught hip hop dancer then began industry training in April of 2018 with some of the best choreographers the industry has to offer. Josh Smith, FeFe Burgos, Brooklyn Jai and last but not least Donielle Hansley (Lil Dee Dee). Joseph was signed to an agent October of 2018 “Titians Design ” Joseph is an Atlanta native the son of Yogeshor Karki and Robin Carey-Karki. Joseph is strong in his faith and is a believer of Philippians 4:13. “I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me.” For booking info please contact via email jkswaag@gmail.com.