Do we accept phone orders?


What makes your designs so special?

We take pride and knowing this will be the only one sold to the public.

Unless there is a co branding or sharing interest.

How can someone get a design that is no longer sold.

We will contact that individual owner to see if he or she would be interested in creating a replica. Once the owner of that art work agrees we will implement the process.

Is there any additional cost with designs?

Yes! A creative time period for new designs requires digitizing new artwork and words that will reflect the buyer. So a 50% deposit is requested.

Is the deposit non refundable.

 No! You will have 3 full businesses to email a request or call for refund of your deposit.

Apparel will be hats, beanies, shorts, shirts, hoodies, masks and bags for both men, women and kids.

Singapore address: 28 Tanglin Road 247911