My Journey

I got into the T-shirt design business because I embarked on a spiritual journey and saw an opportunity to display my growth. My first T-shirt design was of images that projected change, evolution, positivity, spirituality and my journey. There were several reasons I decided to move forward with designing my T-shirts. I wanted to surround myself with positive images, symbols, and words that vibrated me to birth this creation. When searching, I could not find anything online or in retail stores that resonated with me. I wanted the images to spell my journey.

After making my own T-shirts for about 3 years, I finally realized I was getting positive feedback. People especially loved the images mixed with words and that’s when it hit me. I was up one night brainstorming on new designs and realized this should be a lifestyle brand. I started to create a client list and began designing. All my designs will be based on my journey as well as my client’s.

The original name I had was Saint Xavier. The night I decided to project this forward is the same night I found SpellBrand and decided to change the company name to “Titans”, a giant amongst giants, but a Titan in my arena. I am doing this for the love and passion, not for novelty or romance or money. I wanted to connect with like-minded people so that seed must be first planted. One who shares similar thoughts and recognizing the name “Titans” will reflect that. The name “Titans” is bold so during my journey as I was in my creative process, my thoughts and my craft was laid down on paper. I must be different. I demand it and I demand it from others who will be around me. I must do it big not to be known, but to bring fourth the unknown that lies deep within. I must be a giant in my arena. Then the name became “Titans”. My story…My life…My journey!

Xavier Gomes

Our Titan's Model

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Joseph Izaiah Karki

“Joseph Izaiah Karki” thirteen year old self taught hip hop dancer turned actor has appeared in several film, television and theatre productions. You may have seen him in B.E.T television Series “Boomerang” directed by Halle Berry. He also played as “Jake” in Don Stallings short film “Anyway”. His music video appearances in the Mako Girls hit single “Day 1” and Kado BCG “Dance” just to name a few. Joseph’s ability to own the role he is assigned is captivating.
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Dolly Hagler

Dolly(Dominique Hagler)is a 29 year old clothes reviewer, model and mommy based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Born in Newark, New Jersey. Dolly’s goal is to help women build their confidence, be true to themselves and be comfortable in the skin they are in. Even if it comes with some cellulite and a few stretch marks, she says love you, if you don’t then who will.
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Indira Gomes

Age 11
I love going to school
and I enjoy wearing my Dad's design but more importantly. I love God and working with others.
I am no Model but I am a Goddess and modeling for Titans is a great way to start.
Go Titans


Angela Kearney

Professional photographer based out of Atlanta GA. I’m self taught with a sincere passion for all things photographic and beautiful. My mission is to not only produce portraits, but uniquely create with my clients originality in mind. Whether I’m in or out of the studio ,my goal is to always bring the same passion and dedication to each client that I serve. My personal touch and service-focused approach have kept me distinguished and the choice for new and existing customers. I am also available for travel (in fact, I love new locations) and would love to work with you!